Book Party

When you need to spice up a mundane day, try a book party!  It's a great way to fill an afternoon and give big or small children a break from their normal activities (or themselves).   We probably have a book party every month, often at my five year old's request, but infrequently enough that it does not get old. 
Have your own book party!
~ Choose the book party location.  We usually use a bed, but the couch or floor will do, too.
~ Set the stage.  It is not necessary, but I like to add extra pillows if we are using the bed.  They are mostly just for the sense of adding more fun to the party.  Maybe when my kids are older we will add food to the book party, but for now the books are enough, and that, in itself, is sweet!
~ Gather the books!  Recently Big Sis and Brother have helped round up the picture books they wanted to bring to the party.  I usually add a few that I want to read, too.  If you borrow many picture books from the library at once, you can even use just library books.  This is especially fun if you have a book party upon arrival home from the library.  Personally, I enjoy combining a few short board books with a few longer picture books.
~ READ!  Then it's time to read!  My children take turns picking a book, and I like to take a turn at times, too.  Below my daughter is taking a turn reading to the rest of us, which worked out well since the Little Sis needed to be held.  (It was definitely a proud mommy-moment when she let Brother lift the flaps with just one suggestion from me.)
~ Party over and clean up.  The party lasts as long as there is interest.  We have never read ALL of the books we have brought to the party.  Typically we lose interest due to the need of a snack or lunch, but I think it is important to stop while I'm ahead.  Occasionally, they do just lose interest.   It takes just a few minutes to clean up with everyone pitching in to help.
We have been having book parties for nearly three years.  Below is our first book party in April 2009.  It only lasted a few minutes due to a dirty diaper, but it started a tradition that will continue for years.

I was thinking for older children who might not be so interested in chapter books, a book party could be planned in advance.  They could bring a few of their favorite books and read exerts from them.  Children of all ages might also enjoy having a themed book party.  Farms, sea life, seasons, holidays, Maisy, Clifford, Ladybug Girl....
Have you ever had a book party or will you soon?  What else can we do to add to the fun?

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