Blogging Printables {Free}

As part of my Household Binder Project, I have created a few printables!  These are free for your personal use.  You should be able to download them by clicking the link.  I hope you will find them as helpful as I do!
At the end of each month I update the Monthly Statistics Printable.  My big reason for doing this is so that I can see at a glance my total number of followers and visitors when I need to tell a company for review/giveaway purposes.  I left this blank for you because I know that some bloggers use all the social media they can find, while others only use a few.
Download the Monthly Statistics Chart
The Review and Giveaway Information chart is also provided for you.  Not all boxes will be filled with each review if a giveaway is not applicable.  The "Shared Info" is for when I need to pass on a winner's contact information to a company.  I don't want to forget!
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  1. That is super cool! How'd you figure out tracking visitors and all that. I've made occasional attempts, but never all that successfully.

  2. There are many ways you can track visitors; I use two. I use Sitemeter mostly. (It's an added gadget in green at the very bottom of my site. You can click it to sign up for your own). But Blogger also keeps track under STATS under the dashboard's DESIGN area. I think the old Blogger might use it too. If you have any more questions, let me know!

  3. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for this. I just printed out another to use for 2013. Thanks!


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